Pro and cons of prolonging life

I've been thinking about this lately (just passed birthday #80) and have come to these conclusions: (1) medical science has produced amazing results in extending life but too often the longest extension seems to be in the final 5% of life i see f. Solution preview the pros of prolonging life is the ability to gain more knowledge and experience more of life it also gives an individual the ability to spend more time with their family and. Pain and suffering is one reason people support euthanasia “pain-relief treatment could or even would shorten life” (32) yet, it is justified if the purpose is to comfort and relieve pain providing adequate amount of pain-relief treatment is also a way to extend life it lessens the patient's distress psychologically and physically. Living forever: some pros and cons june 21 and what about the ethical questions raised by such a radical extension of life and a member of the bio- ethics committees of two hospitals as well as the los angeles bar assn and it may do us little good to lengthen life, unless we can improve it as well. The natural downside of this reflects in the possibility of experiencing a lack of motivation to continue pursuing a degree this can prolong the studies even more it can be a huge college time is a precious period in life when people get to explore their interests and find out new parts of their identities it consists of many. With the advancements in the field of genetic engineering, science in the future may give us the power to genetically modify and create 'near perfect' life read this if genetic engineering is used to prolong human life, it will result in an increase in population, and hence, a greater struggle for the limited resources of nature. Pro rep joann ginal is a fort collins democrat a terminally ill adult, of sound mind, should have the right to decide how he or she wants to die that may mean prolonging life as long as possible, but for others it might mean wanting to obtain a prescription for a life-ending medication to be.

In a hospital, doctors may do everything possible to prolong the life of an individual in hopes that a cure can be figured out, or that the person's body may experience a revival and beat the odds against the disease when a person or family opts for hospice care, they essentially concede that the disease is. Paper will be divided into 2 parts: pros and cons of longevity for society and pros and early human life yes, the lifespan would be longer, which directly affects length of professional career or retirement age, but how does that impact childhood there would be no rush in founding family, and methods of prolonging life. Probably one of the lengthiest legal struggles that involved prolonged life support would be the terri schiavo case in february 25, 1990, she collapsed in her home due to full cardiac arrest the lack of oxygen resulted in a massive brain damage that kept her in a coma after two and a half months, she was.

Often bear only a kind of a family resemblance to each other some authors, such as gregory stock (2005), approach the discussion about considerable life extension as a general debate between “pro” or “con” views stock argues that “it may seem self-evident that extending our vital years would be desirable, but so many. Claims that science will soon prevent aging and dramatically prolong life strike me as irresponsible hype and false hope i am all for efforts to expand our healthspan, but see little value in prolonging our lifespan, and little possibility that we will soon discover a fountain of youth my grandson, home from. Ying says feeding tubes are often started with the intention of prolonging a person's life yet, there is no evidence to show they help with survival, she says in fact, the possible complications from this feeding method may hasten the death of cognitively impaired individuals to make matters worse,.

Public policy aging report editor robert b hudson boston university managing editor greg o¶neill national academy on an aging society editorial board robert applebaum miami university martha derthick university of virginia nancy coleman american bar association judith g gonyea boston university. The biggest benefit is that it helps prolong life, allowing for hope some patients even manage to pull through and recover fully, while others don't the opponents believe that it is not justified to put someone on life support when there are no chances of recovery here are some of the pros and cons you may want to know. These thinkers believe genetic engineering, or the discovery of anti-ageing drugs , could extend human life far beyond its natural course indeed, australian geneticist david is as pointless an argument as neanderthals debating the pros and cons of agriculture what will be will be and we will adapt or. So if there were a treatment for people with the disease that had minimal side effects, could extend not just the quantity of life but also its quality, we'd expect it to be a blockbuster there is this kind of information is very powerful when trying to weigh up the pros and cons of further treatment despite death.

Pro and cons of prolonging life

Was it god's will to do everything possible to prolong a life, no matter how much someone beloved was suffering was it suicide to refuse medical care in an ideal world, doctors told their patients about the pros, cons, and alternatives to any proposed medical treatment i made more calls i learned that in.

  • Pro-they may live longer con-they may die more slowly if their brain is dying because of alzheimer's i don't know if it makes sense to prolong the dying process if their brain is working well and they have a measure of satisfaction from life, go for it i think often feeding tubes are used to feed the emotional.
  • Review the pros and cons of aging in place as alluring as the comfort of home is though, many seniors will reach a point in life when the benefits of assisted living may come to outweigh those of staying in your own home ultimately, a lot those interactions can both prolong your life and improve your quality of life.
  • A doctor cannot he punished for intentionally neglecting to administer some remedy or stimulant which might prolong life, although he may be accused of incompetence and malpractice i shall consider here only euthanasia by commission the present situation is utterly unfair to the individual physician who believes that.

Industrialised world indulge when they are called upon to consider the pros and cons of aging9 i call it that because it never before has the case for life- extension research been stated so publicly and so starkly in language medical advances may be able to extend the period of end-of-life frailty a small amount, but it is. By 2012, the two were married and lamar was filing for permanent residence to spend more time with her husband, who owned a business in toronto today, they split their time between the two countries and even though full citizenship is still a few years away, lamar says there are clear pros and cons to. Deciding whether to start or stop life-sustaining measures -- such as feeding tubes, iv fluids and ventilators -- can be especially troubling for patients with from complications that are somewhat treatable -- eg, pneumonia or other infections -- and families struggle to weigh the pros and cons of treatments.

pro and cons of prolonging life Passing food through a beam of gamma rays given off by the element cobalt-60 can extend the shelf life of meat, poultry, vegetables and fruit by inhibiting bacteria it cannot be used on produce that has a high water content, because the food would explode it was first used in spices, as they were kept for a.
Pro and cons of prolonging life
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