Why the usa lost the vietnam war

Why america lost the vietnam war |a1 sample answer why did the us lose the vietnam war and/or what was the significance of the moon landing (2011 topic 6 q3) the vietnam war began as a civil war between the communist state of north vietnam and the capitalist south the north vietnamese state wanted to join. For all of the self-satisfied voyeurism surrounding the vietnam war, it's hard to find a concrete idea about why the us lost for more than a decade, the us had declared that it would not let vietnam fall to the communists yet, vietnam fell to the communists whythe absence of a clear explanation is not. I think that the question of if us won or lost the vietnam war is quite a complex one simplist possible answer is that the vietnam war was a defeat for the americans, as the goal of preserving the pro american southern regime of vietnam was a failure however, the question is much more complex then a simple defeat for the. “this is a book one will wish to assign to students: it lays out, with enviable clarity, what is at stake, what evidence exists for reaching a judgment, what various historians have concluded on the basis of the evidence they use and/or ignore, and hess's own position on the matter because he is an honest historian, hess does. Did the united states win or lose the vietnam war we are taught that it was a resounding loss for america, one that proves that intervening in the affairs of other nations is usually misguided the truth is that our military won the war, but our politicians lost it the communists in north vietnam actually. If you enjoyed the video please drop a like / comment ~~~ in this video, we break down just how the world's largest super power was forced to end their war o. Taking their cue from the vietnam revisionists, iraq war optimists argued that just as americans thought we were losing in vietnam when in fact we were winning, so too were we winning in iraq despite apparent evidence to the contrary the problem, the optimists argued, was that — just as during the. Since world war ii, america has clearly won only one of five major conflicts: operation desert storm korea was a bloody stalemate, vietnam an “outright military defeat,” and both afghanistan and iraq — america's two longest wars — hardly look like victories at least that's the contention of dominic tierney.

The vietnam war also known as the second indochina war, and in vietnam as the resistance war against america or simply the american war, was a conflict that occurred in vietnam, laos, and cambodia from 1 november 1955 to the fall of saigon on 30 april 1975 it was. In our country, i know that there are fears about another vietnam let me assure you, should military action be required, this will not be another vietnam this will not be a protracted, drawn out warif there must be war, we will not permit our troops to have their hands tied behind their backs and i pledge to. A couple of weeks after the writer michael herr died last june, robert elegant, a charter member of the bash-the-vietnam-reporters club, denounced herr's widely acclaimed book dispatches for aiding and abetting america's enemies in vietnam herr's book, elegant wrote in the london times, “triggered.

The united states intervention in vietnam is seen by the world as america's greatest loss and longest war before the start of the war in vietnam, the thought of the united states losing this war was unheard of because america was technologically superior, no country in south east asia could contend with them lyndon b. By dr arthur bernstein the us did not necessarily lose the war in vietnam as much as they failed to win this war they did not overthrow communism.

The following 77 days changed the course of the vietnam war the american people were bombarded with a nightly stream of devastating television and daily print reporting yet what they saw was so at odds with the reality on the ground that many vietnam veterans believe truth itself was under attack. The vietnam war has been widely regarded these past 40 years as a total american defeat and a huge mistake yet consider what actually prompted us to become involved with vietnam in the first place it was, after all, vietnam that got us into world. Vietnam war still prevails as one of the most traumatic incident in history of the united states sometimes it is called as the first television war but is it true media caused that the usa lost the vietnam war examine this question with markéta šonková in her article.

Why the usa lost the vietnam war

The vietnam war (1955-1975) is a black-marked event in the histories of both vietnam and the united states, and one when the latter country, after losing thousands of soldiers in the war, was effectively badly defeated and forced to retreat the war was initially fought between the communist forces of north vietnam,.

  • If america makes a shot, someone on team vietnam has to drink the whole cup and removes it if vietnam makes this continued for a few year until eventually, in 1965, the usa was fully at war with communist forces in vietnam the vietnam war basically, the vietnam war was lost in america, not in vietnam the usa.
  • The “fall of saigon” in 1975 was the quintessential bitter end to a war oddly enough, however, we've since found ways to reimagine that denouement which miraculously transformed a failed and brutal war of american aggression into a tragic humanitarian rescue mission our most popular vietnam.

Depends on how you define lost - but the general consensus is that the us did indeed lose. But as andrew bacevich, a history professor, us army colonel, vietnam vet, and longtime critic of american interventionism, explains, it takes more than killing lots of the enemy to achieve success in wartime the viet cong may have lost the battle, but tet is when they won the war americans at home. The vietnam war is one of the few contemporary armed conflicts which received extensive ideological media coverage both cold war superpowers cynically used the victims and the suffering caused by the vietnam war for propaganda objectives in the end, the american soldiers thought they won the war on the ground,. 9091 why did the us lose the vietnam war the us lost the vietnam war for many reasons in this short essay i will write about the reasons to the united states 'failure' in vietnam although there were many reasons i cannot mention all of them, so i have detailed the most important factors i will start my essay with a brief.

why the usa lost the vietnam war Answer by tony morse, managing partner, spatial analysis group: basically because the vietnamese wanted to win more than the americans did there were. why the usa lost the vietnam war Answer by tony morse, managing partner, spatial analysis group: basically because the vietnamese wanted to win more than the americans did there were. why the usa lost the vietnam war Answer by tony morse, managing partner, spatial analysis group: basically because the vietnamese wanted to win more than the americans did there were.
Why the usa lost the vietnam war
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